Practical information


León located approximately in the centre of the province of León, it is located in a strategic place in the peninsular Northwest in the way to Galicia and Asturias. The origin of the name of the city comes from the Latin word legio, which refers to the Roman legion that founded the city at its current location. The Legio VI Victrix around 20 B.C.

More information: Turismo de León


Medical emergencies 061
General emergencies 112


The climate of León is Mediterranean oceanic type Csb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The temperatures are cool, with an annual average of 11.1 °C in León. The approximate average rainfall is 556 mm.

The weather. Consult the AEMET weather forecast for León


The time in Spain is GMT + 1 hour. More information


Electricity supply is 220 volts throughout Spain with 2 pin wall sockets. Most electrical equipment from European countries that utilize 240 volts (e.g. UK and Ireland) will function adequately with the proper plug adapter.

Most electrical equipment from countries where the electricity supply is 110 volts (e.g. US) a transformer would be required to step down the voltage to 110 volts. Damage to the electrical appliance can occur if you attempt to use a 110 volt rated appliance with a 220 volt supply. The power cord of some type of devices (p.e. most laptops) includes the transformer. Check the labelling before usage.


It is required by Spanish law that a photographic identification be carried with you at all times. This may be a passport, driving license or national identity card. With a tightening of security in the city it is highly recommended that you carry round with you at least a photocopy of your passport should you be asked for it.


To call Madrid from outside Spain you need to dial (+34) for Spain.


In the tourist areas you will have people who speak English as well as Spanish however more off the beaten track most people will only speak Spanish.
Madrid is however a very cosmopolitan European city with many tourist visitors each year so you should not have any real problems communicating.