Sessions Onsite

The sessions will be hosted at the Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación (CRAI-TIC) of the University of León.

The building CRAI-TIC is located on the Vegazana Campus, which brings together all university support services for learning, teaching and research related to information and information technologies (ICT). This space has served to hold congresses, seminars and debates.


Edif CRAI-TIC, Avenida Emilio Hurtado

Campus de Vegazana. 24071 -LEÓN


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Sessions Online and in streaming

Online and in-streaming session of WIO8 will be carried out through the Microsoft Teams platform for which SHAIO has a host license.

Microsoft Teams

WIO8 registered participants will receive a link via email to join the sessions. Although participant can join directly without the need to be users (with the exception of Safari), it is really recomendable to install the app.

If you do not have the app installed, you need to provide the name under which you would like to appear in the session to facilitate the interaction. Please, insert it with the following structure:

Name SURNAME (Institution)

To follow the session from mobile devices, please install the app of Microsoft Teams. Despite it is not needed if attending from a computer, it is recommended.



Official dinner will take place in the Bitácora Restaurant. Most of the ingredients are gluten-free (celiacs diet) and a vegetarian option is available.

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