Dear colleagues,

The Faculty of Economic and Business of the University of León and the Department of Economics and Statistics are pleased to invite you to participate in the VIII permanent Workshop of the Hispanic-American Input-Output Society (SHAIO) which will be held on September of 2021 in León (Spain).

Although the University of León is a young center, both the Research Group on Financial- Macroeconomics and Social Accounting (GIMCS) and the Applied Economics Research Group (GIEA) has a long history in the location and use of the Input-Output analysis in the context of the regional analysis of Castilla y León. For this reason, we are honored by the trust granted by society to organize the 8th Permanent Workshop in the city of León.

The health crisis situation caused by COVID-19 requires the adoption of preventive measures and to follow strict health protocols to prevent infection. For this reason, the organisation committee of the VIII permanent Workshop of SHAIO has decided to adopt double modality workshop (online and on-site).

Given the current protocol of measures Covid-19, the capacity in the spaces of the CRAI-TIC (place of the event) has been limited by norms of the university to a total of twenty on-site participants, These participants will be chosen from those who select to be indifferent between online and on-site presentation when they send the abstract. Of course, the online presentation will be available for those who show their preference for the online presentation.

For all papers accepted in the event, the organising committee plans to hold the sessions in the videoconference room of the CRAI-TIC, to which all participants, both on-site and online, will have live access.

The official languages of the workshop are Spanish and English; abstracts and papers can be presented in any of these two languages.

We are sure of the hospitality that characterises this millenary city will offer in the next meeting the most favorable conditions to share and discuss our latest works.This eighth meeting is another example of the consolidation of a constant and uninterrupted meeting in being able to address all these issues of relevance in the economic analysis.

Looking forward to seeing you in León!